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Where have i been?

15 of May, 2022

So, It's been almost 5 months since the last time i updated this website and i feel really bad for just abandoning this place like this so i want to explain what's been going on.
First things first, i've been really busy with my studies, at the moment I just started the third semester of my systems development and analysis course, and i've been doing some other smaller web development courses so I can try to get an internship in some local company, and to top it all off, i'm also doing a technical course in chemistry because my parents really wanted me to do it.
My sleep schedule has...not been the best, i've been sleeping for around 4 to 5 hours daily, i can only get some decent bed time in the weekends, so i'm always too exhausted to do anything when i'm not studying. I'm also pretty bad managing my time so i'm pretty sure all of this is my fault for being lazy about time managment, I could do a lot more daily if I just followed a nice schedule and didn't just do stuff whenever I feel like it.
Long story short: I'm a mess managing how to spend my time and I'm always too tired to do stuff here. But the good news is that soon I'll need to start training writing HTML, CSS and stuff because I really need to get a job as a Web Developer and those are pretty easily available here so I just need to...actually learn it and keeping this website would be a great way of training and building up skills.
Well, that's it for now, I still need to get the "About" page done soon, it's kinda weird to have nothing about myself on this place ehehe.