Hey, I'm Star, and welcome to my small but still growing cozy place on the internet!
It's been a while since I had any big updates here, got busy with colege, yada yada, all that boring stuff, BUT i've been testing some stuff that would make this place feel way more alive, I'll not talk aboth this stuff here tho because a blog article woule be way more apropriate. OH YEAH, ALMOST FORGOT THE BLOG PAGE, It's still pretty barebones and definetly needs some updates but I'll make sure to give it some care soon. Also, I'm pretty sure some of the CSS code of this entire website is a bit broken on some very specific(on not) situations but...yeah, idk how to add more bandage to that code, rewriting everything will be way better at this point.
Damn, i never get tired of how cool this backgroung is, i love it XD
I also love you mwah mwah mwah~!

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11/Jun/2023 - NEW BLOG ENTRY

NEW VERY COOL BLOG ENTRY you should definetly check it out!!

09/Jan/2023 - ... HUH?!?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, IT'S BEEN 6 MONTHS SINCE THE LAST UPDATE?? Ugh i gotta get myself(and this place) in order...

15/Jul/2022 - Fixing some stuff

Yesterday i released a big update here, I was working on it offline for some days and when I felt it was ready, I uploaded all the files i was working on. But I noticed some weird behavior with the background images on some browsers, mainly MS Edge. For some reason, the Edge browser(and some mobile browsers) was just...ignoring the background images. Anyway, for now I'll have to manually set the background image for each HTML file, I did some basic testing and it was working so I'll have some time to investigate what's going on. Also, having to change the background for each page means that I can set a different background for every page and...I think that's pretty cool XD
I also made this box a bit taller(100px to be exact) because it started to feel too small to read comfortably, and there was a lot of empty space that looked kinda odd below it so it's better to put this empty space to use.

14/Jul/2022 - Here's some news!

So, here is where all the updates and changes will be listed, but for now i wont be actually listing all the changes because...I'm still doing a lot of work and I'm unsure of what will get modified and what I'll add, but the updates will start popping up here soon enough.
This update box was a pain in the ass to set up, I really need to rewrite this website to get things more organized, I've never thought I would live long enough to see HTML spaghetti code. And yeah, I'm aware that the text kinda clips trough the borders on this box but...tbh I'm not interested in fixing it now, it looks good enough.
After I'm done changing stuff around here, I'll make a blog article to keep this text archived, I don't want this wall of random text to be here when the actual updates starts roling.
One last thing, the Gifypet, the thing on the left side of this textbox(if you're on desktop), I saw it for the first time a while ago and I really wanted to get one for myself, it's just...too cool for me to not have one XD
Well, if you want to get your own Gifypet, just click here to go to the official website, getting one is really easy!