Star's Cozy Place

Hey, I'm Star, and welcome to my small but still growing cozy place on the internet! I'm still learning how everything around here works so it will take a while until i get some nice pages built here.
So...yeah, for now, this will be the only page available while i learn how to code better pages, i really want make every single page on this site special and unique. Also, studying and working on this site helped me a lot with my mental health, so that's a bonus, just having something to focus on and look forward to feels pretty refreshing and comforting.
I feel pretty happy with this page, so i got rid of the test page i had here and now i'll try to make something for the About page as soon as possible. Making a blog space would also be nice but that will take some time to be ready.
I got motivated to create this website because i hate how literally everything looks on the internet today, there's big tech companies everywhere, nothing feels fun and unique to me anymore. Also, i was kinda late to this internet thing, so i didn't catch the peak of the internet, with all those awesome websites, full of colors and personality.
Oh and one last thing, as i already mentioned, i'm still learning how to code, and although i did some changes, i still used a layout builder from Sadness to get this page done quickly, so please check her out, she got an amazing website. I eventually want to rebuild this page from scratch, but i'm pretty sure that won't happen anytime soon XD
That's it for now, stay tuned for all the awesomeness to come!
-Star ^3^